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Welcome to
The Edible Garden Co.


Hi and thanks for visiting my site. I am a home gardener who is passionate about growing food. My aim is to inspire, educate and support others to grow food from home too.


While you don’t have to be an experienced gardener to grow edibles, there are a few things I wish I knew when I started. Such as:

·         Companion planting

·         Seasonal planting

·         Soil health

·         Seed and seedling quality

·         Time of planting

·         Organic pest and disease prevention/treatment

·         Specific nutrient requirements for each variety

·         Trellis and support requirements 


I have developed my growing guides to put all my experience, tips, and tricks in an easy-to-read E-book to help you succeed in the garden.


Happy Growing!

Monique Collins

About Me


My family and I live on a standard suburban block in Adelaide, South Australia. Our climate is similar to the Mediterranean as our winters are mild to cool with moderate rainfall and our summers are hot and dry with little to no rainfall. 


I started gardening as a complete beginner. I was initially inspired to grow my own flowers for our wedding day and shortly after my interest turned to edible plants. 


I like to garden for both my physical and mental health. The physical benefits of gardening are obvious, what could be more nourishing for our bodies than eating fresh, organic veggies straight from the garden? In addition, gardening encourages me to spend more time outdoors and gets my body moving, sometimes it is quite the work out.


As for mental health, gardening teaches me patience as I get to witness the full phases of a plant lifecycle. Witnessing the ebbs and flows present in a garden enables me to be more patient and mindful with myself, and life. I hope that it can also do the same for you. 

Although its hard to pick favorites I particularly enjoy growing tomatoes, basil and blueberries in the warm season and brassicas in the cool season. Its important to grow what you love to eat. 

My passion for growing food is ever expanding and has put our family one foot forward into a more sustainable lifestyle. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and hope to inspire others.

Much love,


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