Whether you're a first time gardener or have a couple of seasons under your belt, this no-fuss, easy to read e-book contains all my tips and tricks to create a lush, edible garden full of delicious fresh veggies. I have created this e-book to help you grow food at your place in containers, raised beds and directly in the ground. The cool season growing guide includes:


🌿 soil preparation

🌿 seed sowing

🌿 cool season varieties

🌿 companion planting

🌿 care requirements

🌿 pest and disease management

🌿 harvest

and all that's inbetween! 


I'll be growing all of the veggies in my garden my in real time so if you can, I'd love to see you join me for the grow along series available for only $1.50 extra per month (please see product list to select e-book and grow along membership).


E-book and grow along is available from March-August 2021. 


So get your harvest baskets ready and lets grow some food!

E-BOOK Cool Season Growing Guide

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